Image of Neo-Tang: Corpus Corpus 12

Neo-Tang: Corpus Corpus 12


100 pages of comics, co-edited by Paul Nudd as part of his long-running Corpus Corpus series of publications. Featuring 30+ excellent freakers. New 10-page comic by me! Screen-printed slipcover from Keith Herzik in collaboration with Hoofprint Studios.

Featuring work by:

Ruby T
Mac Blackout
Charles Roberts III
Amanda Joy Calobrisi
Andy Douglas Day
Chris Cajero Cilla
John Maggie
Emma Punch
David Alvarado
Tom Torluemke
Sam Hensley
Eddy Rivera
Earwig H Airplug
Sam Szabo
Jimbo Easter
Math-You Land-Vote
Allie Trigoso
Amy Lockhart
Nayef Nebhan
Mony Nunez